Dismas Clubs International

Dismas Clubs are a group of individuals that have struggled in life, coming together as volunteers in service to help those in the world that are hurting and feel helpless.

 Dismas Clubs identify needs in the community and work together to bring about a solution to those needs. As well all Dismas Clubs support our international charity the Dismas Clubs International Foundation. Each club determines its own programs, projects and events based on input from its members. Dismas Clubs elect a board of directors from within its membership and are guided by its constitution and by-laws.


Changing Lives / Healing Communities

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Make a Difference

Join or Mentor a Dismas Club


Club Members

Dismas clubs are formed  by men an women from all walks in life that are desiring to make a difference in their lives and meet new people. 

Club Mentors

Dismas club mentors are experienced service club members that are willing to to mentor and guide the board and members of an individual Dismas Club..

Why Join a Dismas Club?
A Dismas Club provides adults who have struggled in life an opportunity to meet new people with a common mission. To come together in unity and effect positive change in their lives and in the community. Dismas Clubs also provide an opportunity to develop a positive social life and new relationships.

What a Dismas Club provides?
An opportunity to...
 - To become involved in helping others.
 - To help make your community a better place to live.
 - To meet and grow with like minded people who have struggled in life.
 - To improve your self-worth and leadership skills.
 - To develop new positive relationships.
 - To become involved socially. 

Meetings and Events
Each Dismas Club meets twice a month and has one annual general meeting a year. There will also be an annual national convention of Dismas Clubs that members can attend. Each club will decide on what fundraising, social and community events they will host, sponsor or attend. All clubs are encouraged to have a social and community building aspect to their club.