St. Dismas Prison Ministry Society

Board of Directors

Noel Granado
Noel is currently a Resident Correctional Chaplain in Edmonton, he facilitates religious escorting to individuals or groups of inmates for Family Contact, Personal Development programs, and Sunday Church worship services. He is developing capacity of local churches in supporting and facilitating opportunities for inmates and former inmates to participate in congregational life. He recognize the importance of understanding Aboriginal spirituality, and its relationship to Christian faith. He is familiar with Restorative Justice, especially as it relates to offenders, people being harmed together with the community surrounding them.

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Rev. Mr. Gary Haney

Gary is a Deacon for the RC Diocese of Calgary and has been involved in prison ministry for over 10 years. He is presently the Catholic Chaplain at the Drumheller Federal Institution. Over the years Gary has been a community volunteer and served on many boards with several service clubs including the Knights of Columbus, Lions and Kinsmen clubs.  As a prison chaplain Gary realized the urgent need for prisoner reintegration and aftercare support in the community. He started the Let's Journey Together program which has successfully grown in the many programs and services offered by the St. Dismas Prison Ministry Society.

President and Executive Director



Norma Fixter
Norma is a housewife and mother of two, she has many years of service club experience as a board member and volunteer with the Airdrie Jr. Forest Wardens. She has also been involved with a local bowling league with her daughter. Her enthusiasm and experience will be a great asset to our many Dismas service clubs.

Changing Lives / Healing Communities


Ed Rottarie
Ed is a member of St. Anthony's Catholic Church and the Knights of Columbus in Drumheller. He has been facilitating  Rosary Prayers and Communion services to prisoners as a volunteer at the Drumheller Federal Institution for over five years.

Cherie Laplante
Cherie has worked for a steel manufacturing company in customer service for many years. She has coached and managed sports teams as her children grew up. Her desire to help others brought her to the SDPMS. While volunteering at the Drumheller Institution she has seen the despair of inmates trying to effect change in their life struggle because of lack of support upon release. She enjoys guiding and supporting program participants in the community.