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Please consider helping prisoners to change their lives and become contributing members of the community.


Program Components

Changing Lives / Healing Communities

Let's Journey Together

Let's Journey Together is a prisoner reintegration and aftercare program that begins while the inmate is still in the Institution and continues out into the community upon release.

With guidance, an inmate reintegration plan is developed that contains a life vision, goals and plan that is divided into three sections. What needs to be achieved while incarcerated, tasks for the first 30 days of release and long term goals to be completed. It then addresses all the programs, services and supports that the inmate will require upon release. The inmate is then matched with a community mentor group that will journey with them when they are released.

Make a Difference

Safe, Sober and Reliable Release Housing
The moment ex-prisoners step off the bus in your community, a daunting challenge stares them smack in the face – where to find a safe place to sleep that night.

Employment and Training  
Former inmates often face enormous challenges finding work after they've been released: not only have many of them been out of the workforce for years, but often their criminal record prevents them from even getting their foot in the door in the first place. 

Programs, Services and Support

For some prisoners, especially those that have spent years or decades of their lives locked up, getting out comes with a mixture of overwhelming joy and anxiety. They often want to start over, but don’t know how to achieve that. They are recovering addicts and need counseling, but have limited resources. Some prisoners are released with only the clothes on their back, That’s why programs, services and supports that help inmates re-enter society are critical. 


Mentoring is a vital component to the aftercare program. A mentor is a person who becomes a trusted friend that guides and supports the prisoner towards their new life. The mentor is not only a friend and confidante, but they can help guide and assist their charge in following and updating their life plan and goals. It's all about relationships, we want to bring positive relationships in their lives and give them another person who can help bring accountability in their life. Connecting with a mentor can make a difference on whether they are successful or not. Studies show that mentoring by a caring adult is the single most effective strategy for building character and curbing destructive behavior and prisoners with a mentor do far better upon release and are less likely to engage in crime, violence or substance use.

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